HONG KONG – Happy Birthday Clare Hollingworth 105 !

Sadly, Clare Hollingworth passed away in Hong Kong on Monday Tuesday 10th January 2017

Truly the doyen of journalism, Clare Hollingworth, is as I was told at the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club in answer to my question about her,  ” She’s still working … I mean she’s still alive. ”     Yesterday she returned there to celebrate her 105th birthday. Just watching the event on BBC television news was a joy.

Always the consummate Englishwoman, Clare Hollingworth is remembered for being the first journalist to report the start of World War Two, when she was in Poland in August 1939…. the rest as they say, is history – quite literally !    In 1995, I was  with a party of journalists as guests of the Peninsula Hotel reporting for the Classic fm Travel Guide programme, on the seamless addition of the helipad topped towers. I’ve only been back twice since, but Hong Kong is perhaps my all time favourite city.     In November 1995, I’d missed a message left for me by a fellow journalist to visit the FCC, and sadly did not meet the then 85 year old Clare who I was told excitedly had been there at the time !

It took me another 20 years finally to get to the FCC, so I was determined, at least to step inside the door on the last afternoon of my third visit in HK last year.  I still  think of her with admiration whenever I re- read my treasured copy of  her book Front Line. Happy Days.

161010-web-hk-fcc-0845Foreign Correspondent’s Club

There is always plenty of interest going on in Hong Kong.


I was at the opening of Sir Antony Gormley’s inspired Event Horizon on 18 November 2015. Sir Antony’s very distinctive statues displayed on high buildings for 6 months, attracted a great deal of curiosity.


151122-hkg-4-0902-copy 151122-hkg-4-0908-copyPeace and Joy !

” People watching ” is fascinating and diverse. The city is always on the move. The mobile phone is everything and constantly in use…  just look around you.  Make an early morning visit to Kowloon Park to join in the Tai Chi sessions, as I did.151121-web-bk-thi-chi-kowloon-park-hkg-4-0528-copy

Interviewing an early morning Tai Chi expert.


Keeping young in Kowloon Park.

I saw so much in 5 days, but it takes stamina to achieve a comprehensive photographic impression.  I hope the next time I go back it won’t take so long, there is so much to see and do.


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