Buddhist Monks in Winchester High Street

Monks collecting alms may be a daily occurrence in Thailand, but in Winchester, it probably a first. The monks made a keenly awaited visit to Winchester at the invitation of the local Thai community.

Runge Knight makes her offering of alms.

The monks began their walk through the city, meeting small groups waiting to present them with their offering of alms for daily living , receiving the customary blessing for their acts of merit.

Giving of alms for daily living items

The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic has made it more difficult for Buddhists to attend the Cittaviveka Monastery at Chithurst between Petersfield and Midhurst to make their offerings. Visiting times and conditions are restricted and may be viewed on the monastery’s website.

King Alfred Statue, The Broadway, Winchester ,

Pra Ajan Gavelesko and fellow monks pause by the King Alfred statue in Winchester Broadway.

In the Abbey Gardens, Winchester
Pligrims themselves, the groups of monks pose beside a ‘Pilgrim’s School sign outside Wolvsey Castle, Winchester
Beside the River Itchen, Winchester

Words and pictures : www.Tony Knight photography & MEDIA