Thailand & Hong Kong Revisited

Have you noticed that when flying to the Far East on a mid-day flight from London, the first meal served is lunch, but the second ( which flying to Thailand), will be breakfast over Kolcutta ! What happens to the night ?

In ‘ To a Golden Land, through the Night that Never Was @we ponder how this happens, in my first published report.

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Also in the Series :

  • Life in a small town in rural Isan in the north east of Thailand.
  • A visit to Pitsanulok – an unremarkable strip of tarmac, with advertising hoardings and industrial estates, but one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand.
  • Hong Kong’s naked male statures are creating much interest, courtesy of British sculptor, Sir Antony Gormley’s inspirational figures in Event Horizon and on display there until May 2016.
  • Once known as Fragrant Harbour, Hong Kong could more accurately be described as Mobile City – discover the reason why.