Football legend Kevin Keegan at Waterstones, Southampton

Saint’s football legend Kevin Keegan at a book signing at Waterstones, Southampton

Wherever Kevin Keegan OBE makes an appearance, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, he is surrounded by a wave of enthusiasm.

Kevin book signing Waterstones, Southampton

Kevin Keegan book signing Waterstones, Southampton

The archetypal Mr. Nice Guy, Kevin Keegan affords everyone he meets a few magic minutes to chat with him.  His appearance at Waterstones, Southampton on Saturday 6th October 2018, was no exception. The queue outside the shop in the West Quay Shopping Centre, was evident at 12.30pm.  The journey from an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live, was prolonged due to an incident on the motorway, we were told.

Kevin Keegan and Romesh Ranganathan

Former England football player and manager Kevin Keegan made his professional debut fifty years ago. He talked to Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles about how a nun was his first mentor, the way Bill Shankly changed his life and seizing opportunities off the pitch. ( Courtesy BBC ).
Tony Knight meets Kevin Keegan after almost 30 years.

Tony Knight meets Kevin Keegan almost 30 years after a brief meeting in Winchester.

Having arrived, Kevin embarked on a mammoth signing session of his autobiography    ” My Life in Football. ”  The average wait was about 2 hours, but true to form, everyone got individual attention.  The French couple in front of me had their book dedicated to special friend; got a photograph together with Kevin, before he unexpectedly launched into a very personal videoed vocal rendition of ” Happy Birthday  ! “

Kevin and Tony exchange memories of their last meeting, when hair styles were longer and thatches blacker !

Kevin and Tony exchange memories of their last meeting, when hair styles were longer and thatches darker. ( Tony who is is your hairdresser ? I really must avoid him next time I’m in town ! )

"Who is this man ? "

“Who is this man ? ” Answers on a postcard….

All in all a warm welcome back to Southampton for one of  the City’s most popular sports stars on the first wet, windy and cold day of Autumn, hence the warm winter coat.

Words and photographs : Tony Knight photography & MEDIA 

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