LOOK BACK ON LINE : THE DAY THE SKY CRIED IN LONDON – The funeral of His late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej ( London Tributes ) 26th October 2017 – remembered.

On the day of His late Majesty’s funeral in Bangkok, Thailand, the Buddhapadipa Temple in Wimbledon, London became the focus of the grief and tributes of His  subjects in the United Kingdom, many of whom had travelled to Bangkok during the past year of mourning to pay their personal tributes at the Grand Palace.

171026 web 3087 WIMBLEDON

The Government of the Kingdom of Thailand was represented by the Ambassador, His Execellency Mr. Pisanu Suvanajatanu and senior colleagues.

171026 2826 web WIMBLEDON THAI TEMPLE copy

His Execellency Mr. Pisanu Suvanajatanu makes his way to the ceremony.

At the very moment when the ceremonies were reaching their climax in Bangkok, the heavens open over London, drenching those gathered outside the huge marque containing dignitaries and guests. It were as though the sky itself was moved to tears at the solemn moment of bidding His Majesty farewell, as they gave thanks for a life devoted to the welfare of His loyal subjects.

His Execellency Pisanu Suvanajata pays respect to His Majesty.

His Execellency Mr. Pisanu Suvanajatanu pays respect to His Majesty.

I had the privilege of joining those in the Marquee to pay my own respect to His late Majesty’s memory and to witness the dignitaries and those assembled, as they gave their own tributes.  Venerable Monks conducted the service, as on the large screen, events in Bangkok were relayed in real time via BBC World Service, so we too could follow the ceremony 6,000 miles away.

Mourners in Wimbledon

Mourners in Wimbledon

Attendees prepare to pay their tributes.

Attendees prepare to pay their tributes.

Mourners filed into the Marque from the rain, to lay their tributes at the altar, bow and take their leave.

171026 3023 web B WIMBLEON THAI TEMPLE copy

Mourners quietly contemplate the passing of their beloved monarch and show their respect to His memory.

171026 3019 web WIMBLEDON THAI TEMPLE copy

All ages came to the Temple – a day that they will remember.

171026 web WIMBLEDON THAI TEMPLE 3044 copy

171026 3064 web WIMBLEDON THAI TEMPLE copy

A monk, himself sheltering from the heavy rain, kindly records the occasion for attendees.

171026 web 2794 WIMBLEDON copy

Group Captain Kuhn Sakesan Kantha and colleague join mourners in a photograph.

171026 web 2720 WIMBLEDON copy

Time for a group photograph in the peaceful grounds of the Buddhapadipa Temple.

171026 web 2763 WIMBLEDON copy

Rungratsamee Knight from Winchester joined those from around the UK paying their personal tributes at the Thai Temple, Wimbledon

171026 web 2931 WIMBLEDON copy 171026 web 2818 A WIMBLEDON THAI THEMPLE copy

171026 web 2753 WIMBLEDON copy

Time for a group photograph in the peaceful ground of the Buddhapadipa Temple.

The service in Bangkok is relayed to Wimbledon via BBC World Tv.

The service in Bangkok is relayed to Wimbledon via BBC World Tv.



171026 web WIMBLEDON THAI TEMPLE 2844 copy 171026 web 2758 WIMBLEDON 171026 web 2751 WIMBLEDON copy 171026 web 2720 WIMBLEDON copy 171026 web WIMBLEODN THAI TEMPLE 3089 copy

The service in Bangkok is relayed to Wimbledon via BBC World Tv.

The service in Bangkok is relayed to Wimbledon via BBC World Tv.

171026 2894 web WIMBLEDON THAI TEMPLE copy

.A moment of repose

171026 2871 web WIMBLEDON THAI TEMPLE copy

Many world leaders and important guests travelled to Bangkok.

171026 2864 web WIMBLEDON THAI TEMPLE copy

171026 2829 webWIMBLEDON THAI TEMPLE copy

171026 2589 web WIMBLEDON THAI TEMPLE copy

A moment of homage to His late Majesty during the service.


Football legend Kevin Keegan at Waterstones, Southampton

Saint’s football legend Kevin Keegan at a book signing at Waterstones, Southampton

Wherever Kevin Keegan OBE makes an appearance, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, he is surrounded by a wave of enthusiasm.

Kevin book signing Waterstones, Southampton

Kevin Keegan book signing Waterstones, Southampton

The archetypal Mr. Nice Guy, Kevin Keegan affords everyone he meets a few magic minutes to chat with him.  His appearance at Waterstones, Southampton on Saturday 6th October 2018, was no exception. The queue outside the shop in the West Quay Shopping Centre, was evident at 12.30pm.  The journey from an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live, was prolonged due to an incident on the motorway, we were told.

Kevin Keegan and Romesh Ranganathan

Former England football player and manager Kevin Keegan made his professional debut fifty years ago. He talked to Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles about how a nun was his first mentor, the way Bill Shankly changed his life and seizing opportunities off the pitch. ( Courtesy BBC ).
Tony Knight meets Kevin Keegan after almost 30 years.

Tony Knight meets Kevin Keegan almost 30 years after a brief meeting in Winchester.

Having arrived, Kevin embarked on a mammoth signing session of his autobiography    ” My Life in Football. ”  The average wait was about 2 hours, but true to form, everyone got individual attention.  The French couple in front of me had their book dedicated to special friend; got a photograph together with Kevin, before he unexpectedly launched into a very personal videoed vocal rendition of ” Happy Birthday  ! “

Kevin and Tony exchange memories of their last meeting, when hair styles were longer and thatches blacker !

Kevin and Tony exchange memories of their last meeting, when hair styles were longer and thatches darker. ( Tony who is is your hairdresser ? I really must avoid him next time I’m in town ! )

"Who is this man ? "

“Who is this man ? ” Answers on a postcard….

All in all a warm welcome back to Southampton for one of  the City’s most popular sports stars on the first wet, windy and cold day of Autumn, hence the warm winter coat.

Words and photographs : Tony Knight photography & MEDIA 

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Longleat is one of our great country houses, set in the rolling Wiltshire countryside near Warminster. What better way to spend Christmas Eve than a visit to the magical Festival of Light.  Each year this spectacular has a different theme.

171224 web LONGLEAT 4580 copy

I’d never been round what is now called the ‘ Safari Drive Through ‘ but used to be called the Lions of Longleat.  Now much expanded, the big cats still add even more excitement including the magnificent Tigers.

181224 LONGLEAT title LIGHTS 4419

171224 4455 web LONGLEAT copy

The Talking Tree, a compelling sound and light show at set times. Visitors were drawn every hour. With Christmas themes pulsing around the tree, it added magic to Christmas Eve.

11224 LONGLEAT 4292

A Cheetah in repose.

171225 4253 LONGLEAT copy

Feeding the Deer before entering the Big Cats enclosures.

171224 web LONGLEAT 4343 copy

You shall go to the Ball ! Cinderella in her coach arrive at Longleat.

171224 4472 web LONGLEAT copy 171224 4502 web LONGLEAT copy 171224 4542 web LONGLEAT copy 171224 we 4592 LONGLEAT copy 171224 web 4371 LONGLEAT copy 171224 web 4555 LONGLEAT copy 171224 web LONGLEAT 4268 copy 171224 web LONGLEAT 4493 copy 171224 web LONGLEAT 4566 copy  171224 web LONGLEAT4225 copy 1712124 LONGLEAT CHEETAH 4295 copy

TOP TIP : Use the loos BEFORE beginning the Safari Drive Through, particularly the big cats.  Queues of traffic at peak times can mean slow progress, so be advised !       ( I found out the hard way ).

Words and Pictures : Tony Knight photography & MEDIA


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HONG KONG – Happy Birthday Clare Hollingworth 105 !

Sadly, Clare Hollingworth passed away in Hong Kong on Monday Tuesday 10th January 2017

Truly the doyen of journalism, Clare Hollingworth, is as I was told at the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club in answer to my question about her,  ” She’s still working … I mean she’s still alive. ”     Yesterday she returned there to celebrate her 105th birthday. Just watching the event on BBC television news was a joy.

Always the consummate Englishwoman, Clare Hollingworth is remembered for being the first journalist to report the start of World War Two, when she was in Poland in August 1939…. the rest as they say, is history – quite literally !    In 1995, I was  with a party of journalists as guests of the Peninsula Hotel reporting for the Classic fm Travel Guide programme, on the seamless addition of the helipad topped towers. I’ve only been back twice since, but Hong Kong is perhaps my all time favourite city.     In November 1995, I’d missed a message left for me by a fellow journalist to visit the FCC, and sadly did not meet the then 85 year old Clare who I was told excitedly had been there at the time !

It took me another 20 years finally to get to the FCC, so I was determined, at least to step inside the door on the last afternoon of my third visit in HK last year.  I still  think of her with admiration whenever I re- read my treasured copy of  her book Front Line. Happy Days.

161010-web-hk-fcc-0845Foreign Correspondent’s Club

There is always plenty of interest going on in Hong Kong.


I was at the opening of Sir Antony Gormley’s inspired Event Horizon on 18 November 2015. Sir Antony’s very distinctive statues displayed on high buildings for 6 months, attracted a great deal of curiosity.


151122-hkg-4-0902-copy 151122-hkg-4-0908-copyPeace and Joy !

” People watching ” is fascinating and diverse. The city is always on the move. The mobile phone is everything and constantly in use…  just look around you.  Make an early morning visit to Kowloon Park to join in the Tai Chi sessions, as I did.151121-web-bk-thi-chi-kowloon-park-hkg-4-0528-copy

Interviewing an early morning Tai Chi expert.


Keeping young in Kowloon Park.

I saw so much in 5 days, but it takes stamina to achieve a comprehensive photographic impression.  I hope the next time I go back it won’t take so long, there is so much to see and do.


A CLASSIC AUGUST SUMMER DAY IN THE UK – in Golden Fields – a moment to savour !

160806 WEB WINCHESTER HARVEST 6170An English summer day can be a joy to behold, or it can be a a disasterous mix of rain, grey skudding clouds, cold and miserable.  True it doesn’t get that bad too often, but due to the intervention of the North Atlantic Jet Stream, preventing high pressure systems from the south or the general ebb and flow of weather from the west, an English summer day is unpredictable.

The summer of 2016 has had its share of changeable weather. June, for example, had very heavy rain at times. August was changeable, not as awful as the continuous rain and storms of the 1960’s, but enough to take the edge off of some holiday plans. High mackerel clouds heralded a change in the weather from the west and on 5th August. Summer was not to be denied.


Since February I had occasionally walked a tractor track along the edge of a field about a mile or so from my home in the ancient capital city of Winchester.  ( Had the tracks not been there, I would not has crossed the field, but taken another route ). Over the months as spring warmed up the ground, green stalks began to rise upwards, getting longer every few weeks or so.  My final walk along the tracks made some years ago and where nothing grew, was sublime.  The entire field was a joy to behold.  So quintessentially English, it was a rare privilege money just could not buy.  It was a Laurie Lee, special day.  The day grew hot, light clouds drifted overhead and beyond the hedge, the vista towards the village of Sparsholt could not be bettered.

It was one of those rare occasions, with nature at full throttle.  Bees visiting hedge-row blooms.  The first Horse Chestnut had fallen from above, too early yet to burst open.  A few, slowly browning leaves were appearing.  Swallows wheeling through the air, dining on insects, would soon begin departing these shores for hot African skies.

2010 web line Harvest THAI 3 092 copyUnlike the rice harvest on my parents-in-law’s rice field 6,000 miles away in Thailand, which is still harvested mainly by hand, these Hampshire fields would all be cut mechanically.

Just slowly walking along this pathway between the nodding heads of corn, bursting with ripe goodness, was a moment to be savoured and remembered in the shortening days, edging their way towards Autumn.  It was the high spot of the year and would soon be but a memory.  It was the day time stood still.  The ground having yielded up its goodness, would lie fallow awaiting the shifting of the winds round to the north.


It was a classic UK August summer day to remember

David Pryke’s 15,000 foot charity skydive for Royal Marsden Cancer Charity 11 June 2016


Royal Marsden Cancer Charity supporter David Pryke from Portsmouth has successfully completed a six month quest to raise funds for London’s premier cancer hospital.

160610 web B DAVID PRYKE 3710 160610 web DAVID PRYKE 3665 copy 160610 web DAVID PRYKE 3696 copy 160610 web DAVID PRYKE 3692 copy

David, supported by his wife Jayne, has raised £500 in a daring 15,000 foot tandem jump at Old Sarum airfield, Wiltshire.  He joined the event which was organised by GoSkyDive, with participating charities raising sponsorship.  Starting at 7.30am, the many, mostly first time sky divers, were marshalled in groups, kitted out and whisked skywards, returning safely to earth within 20 minutes.  Jumping in relays, some 200 people took part, achieving what is believed to be a European record number of 187 tandem jumps in one day. The weather in Scotland conspired against obtaining the full record.

160610 web DAVID PRYKE 3705 160610 web DAVID PRYKE LANDING 3783 copy 160610 web DAVID PRYKE 3727 copy 160610 web DAVID PRYKE 3678 copy

David took to the air tethered to an instructor and the Cessna Super Cargomaster took off and quickly climbed to 15,000 feet, from which they jumped and descended towards the cloud base.

After landing David was raring to get back in the air, after his adrenaline rush, he said,” It was wonderful, I’d do it again anytime. When the parachute opened at 5,000 feet, as we came through the cloud, everything went quiet and I could seen Salisbury and the countryside.  Landing was perfect too. ”

DONATIONS can still be made to :



Source : www.Tony Knight photography & MEDIA


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Happy memories one year ago : THE DAY WE WON THE CUP – 40 YEARS ON ! Remembering in photographs the civic celebrations on 1st May 2016


170226 ONWARD THE SAINTS 0321 copy



Sunday 1st May 2016 was the 40th anniversary of the ‘ Day We Won the Cup, ! ‘  and was the culmination of a week of celebrations of the Saint’s victory at Wembley Stadium.

SAINTS web 40 ANNO F A CUP 3185 copy

Three days of events were held to commemorate the Saint’s victory, culminating in a civic reception; a tour of the city on the same bus they used as the streets were packed in 1976 and a nostalgic evening tribute at the Mayflower Theatre.

Wherever they went, the surviving players and their manager Lawrie McMenemy were mobbed, friendships renewed, excitement re-kindled and many photographs taken.

SAINST web 40 ANNO F A CUP 3226

The players and their families were entertained by Councillor Linda Norris, performing one of her final official engagements in her mayoral year. Writing on the City Council website afterwards, she wrote :  ” An absolute honour to be with The Boss & The Boys-40 yrs on I’m celebrating moving to Soton that very weekend!  ”

With the F A Cup after presentation of player’s Freedom scrolls.

1605 01 web SAINTS 40 ANNO 3169 copy

Players and families relax for lunch before their tour of the city.

160501 web SAINTS 40 ANNO F A CUP 3103 copy

web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A CUP 3141 copy copy web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANN FA CUP CIVIC CENTRE 3132 copy web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A CUP 3129 copy web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A C UP 3102 copy web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A C CUP 3106 copy web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A C UP3116 copy

Thanks for organising the major celebration events are due to Southampton’s own star comedian Mike Osman, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes for over a year to ensure everything went smoothly. Great Stuff, Mike !

web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A CUP 3099 copy

Time for one last picture group picture for the album.

web SAINTS 40 ANNO FA C CUP 3184 copy

Lawrie meets up with the FA Cup again.. 40 years on !

web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A CUP 3107 copy web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A C AUP CIVIC CENTRE 3120 copy

After the civic reception, with Mike Osman cheering on the crowds thronging Guildhall Square, the players and families boarded the same bus, used in the 1976 victory parade to make their way through the streets to St Mary’s Stadium for the match.  To add to the Saint’s joy, they beat Manchester City 4 – 2 !

web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A C UP 3095 copy web SAINTS 40 ANNO F A CUP 3234 copy web SAINTS 40 ANNO F A CUP 3196 copy web 160501 SAINTS F A CUP 40 ANNO 3187 copy web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A C UP 3242 copy web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANNO F A CUP 3262 copy 160501 web SAINTS F A CUP 40 ANNO 3223 copy web 160501 SAINTS 40 ANN F A C UP 3265 copy   160501 web SAINTS 40 ANNO F A CUP 3275 copy

Photography : Tony Knight photography & MEDIA

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JULIAN FELLOWES – Baron Fellowes of West Stafford – exciting novel BELGRAVIA IN BOOK FORM SHORTLY following the On Line version.

 Copy of 101208 A FELLOWS 025 copy

Actor, novelist, director, screen writer, Julian Fellowes, writer of the most successful Downton Abbey TV series then something for the future.101208 Julian Fellows DAILY PIC 2 057

Julian Fellowes photographed at the Croft Hall, Hungerford for Berkshire Life Magazine, Talking to the magazine’s then editor Tessa  Harris ( an award winning novelist in her own right ), about his newly published novel PAST IMPERFECT at a public evening with the author on Wednesday 10th December 2008.


Julian Fellowes, who has been honoured with a Founders Award by the International Emmy Awards has plans for a film of Downton Abbey too !


Following in the proud tradition of Charles Dickens, who first published his stories weekly in print, his latest project, has been  accessible via the modern equivalent – an app, online since April 2016.

On his website – https://julianfellowesbalgravia.com, the ever inventive author said :

”  The app will be launched via this website in April 2016, with the first episode free to download. You’ll be able to subscribe to the full 11-episode weekly serial for £9.99/US$13.99 (both text and audio) or you can buy individual weekly episodes for £1.49/US$1.99 which will be delivered automatically to your device the moment they air every Friday. There will be extra material, videos and other bonus features hidden within each episode. If you would prefer to wait for the printed book, the £18.99/US$26.00 hardback will be published in June. “

30 MAY UPDATE – BELGRAVIA will be also available in hardback in the next few days …………

Tony K.


My First Blog


Welcome to my first blog.

My new web site will become the centre of everything that I get involved with.  Photography, Travel and Broadcasting.

I shall shortly be reporting into the Blog from Thailand & Hong Kong….

Watch this space………….

Tony K